7 Excellent On-Site Messages That Increase Conversion

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7 Excellent On-Site Messages That Increase Conversion

Our Product Marketing Manager Marc looks at some excellent examples of on-site messaging…

On-site messages are becoming an increasingly familiar part of the online shopping experience. After fighting the competition to attract visitors to their sites, online retailers are becoming smarter about how they can make sure these shoppers stick around and buy.

Whether using on-site messages to make an announcement, collect more email addresses, or provide customer service, their intent is to enhance the customer experience online and turn more visitors into customers.

Check out these seven examples of on-site displays that increase online conversions.


I’m sure just the thought of having to assemble IKEA furniture is enough to make some visitors want to abandon the purchase! Identifying this as the perfect up-sell opportunity, IKEA asks customers just before payment if they’d like to have their items assembled after delivery.

With a cute illustration of the dreaded instructions, alluding to what may come next, IKEA subtly highlights to their customers that the additional expense may actually take some of the pain of the purchase away.

I’m sure this handy on-site message can be credited for saving a few relationships too!

2 Interflora

There is nothing like a looming deadline to spur people into action. And when it comes to Mother’s Day, that’s really one you can’t afford to miss.

Displaying an on-site message with a countdown timer at the point a visitor either shows intent to leave or has been inactive for a period is a great way to pull them back in. Counting down to the end of a sale, a discount or free shipping adds a helpful dose of urgency to speed up a visitor’s decision process.

Interflora have done just that, showing the order deadline for delivery on Mother’s Day. This encourages advance orders as visitors don’t want to miss out during this high demand period.

3 TripAdvisor

On-site messages are not always about driving a conversion at the point of display. TripAdvisor used this message on exit intent to help change the perception of who they were as a company.

So many travelers got accustomed to relying on them for reviews, then leaving to another known booking engine to make the purchase. When TripAdvisor became a booking platform of their own, they needed visitors to know about it.

TripAdvisor played on this abandonment-to-book behavior, and showed an informative ‘Did you know?’ message on exit. The inclusion of a price guarantee was another reminder to show there was really no reason to look elsewhere.

4 Virgin Atlantic

The online booking process can be stressful, with a lot of time put into planning the perfect trip. Weighing up the different options available, and ensuring you have all of the information required can be time-consuming, especially when there are multiple travelers involved.

Virgin Atlantic address this issue by displaying a message giving visitors the option to save the itinerary they’ve created with a handy route back to purchase when they’re ready. Just input your email address and they will send you a full copy.

The clever design also shows two tickets when multiple travelers have been selected, making a nice break from the usual box display.

5 French Connection

No thanks? Not so fast. While discount codes are a tricky one to champion for regular use, they can be effective in on-site messages when they come as part of a larger or limited time sale.

French Connection’s exit intent message displays a reminder of a daily sale on the items that are being abandoned. The discount code is displayed to incentivize the visitor to continue with their purchase, but if they close the window they are presented in three options for how to proceed; would they like to save the voucher code, use it now, or simply leave?

Showing these options is a way of checking if the intent to leave was genuine, and gives the user a second chance to consider the offer.

6 Booking.com

Booking.com are anything but subtle when it comes to their urgency messaging. Countdown timers, live trends, social proof, price guarantees.. Booking.com have covered it all.

All of these tactics play on typical consumer behavior, encouraging visitors to make faster purchase decisions, for fear of missing out on the best deal. Without this, we would be inclined to shop around, take our time, or put it off altogether.

Adding an element of scarcity, playing on popularity, and displaying guarantees all put the customer’s mind at ease, stop the need for shopping around and compel us to buy.

7 CinemaNow

Shoppers are constantly looking for validation of their choices. Consumer reviews and ratings can give them the confidence that they’ve selected something they’ll enjoy, and motivate them to buy.

CinemaNow incorporated reviews into their on-site message, along with the option to watch the trailer. This took away the need for the visitor to go elsewhere, with all of the information they needed in one place.

With 77% of customers looking to reviews before making a purchase, it makes sense to have these on hand when they need them.

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Inventory Management
In addition, the site has integrated Daily Products Sync, which provides you with an opportunity in automatic mode (usually once a day) synchronize the inventory of the website in accordance with the supplier’s own resources, so the number of products on the website is updated automatically. You can even add more products from other suppliers if you require it.

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Features for your customers can all be modified to suit your needs

    •  Your customers will enjoy the one-page checkout.
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    •  The fully integrated rating system for your products
    • Shipping calculator with direct API calls for accurate shipping costs
    • Personal account login, with the ability to reorder or look at the shipping status of their items.

Product filters and search functions to quickly navigate through your e-commerce store.

You will feel comfortable with your e-commerce website design

The highest security standards possible tested by an independent firm.

  • Extensive reporting with a bird’s eye view or a complete drill down.
  • Configurable tax and shipping options.
  • Complete store management easily, upload unlimited products.
  • Complete control over related products and up sales.
  • Automatic email confirmation of order.
  • Complete control over coupons and discounts for promotional purposes.
  • Affiliate program can be integrated into the e-commerce site.
  • SEO friendly  URLs and completely compatible with the new markup adheres to micro-data schema. ( You can read more about micro-data schema in the search engine optimization section of this website)
  • CSV file imports and exports products easily and quickly.
  •  Fully animated sliders

Complete Manageable Forum Website With WordPress

Custom theme forum sites

When getting a custom forum site built, there are many things to consider beyond color and design.

A smoothly functioning forum site is one which has been thought out carefully: how to associate the different groups of subjects and how to encourage engagement.

What permissions and  features to give your users and an easy way to moderate the forum is also a must.

Here are some of the permissions which are flexible with different user access:


  1. Can view a forum
  2. Can view a list of forums only
  3. Can view a list of forums and list of topics only
  4. Can view posts by an administrator
  5. Can view only own posts and admin/mod posts
  6. Can view email and IP addresses of members
  7. Can view profiles of members
  8. Can view the members lists
  9. Can view links within posts


  1. Can start new topics in a forum
  2. Can reply to existing topics in a forum
  3. Can only reply to own topics
  4. Can use spoilers in posts
  5. Can attach a signature to posts
  6. Can create links in posts
  7. Can use smileys in posts
  8. Can use iframes in posts



  1. Can edit own topic titles
  2. Can edit any topic title
  3. Can edit own posts forever
  4. Can edit own posts until there has been a reply
  5. Can edit any post


  1. Can delete topics in forum
  2. Can delete own posts
  3. Can delete any post


  1. Can bypass the math question
  2. Can bypass all post moderation
  3. Can bypass first post moderation
  4. Can moderate pending posts


  1. Can pin topics in a forum
  2. Can move topics from a forum
  3. Can move posts from a topic
  4. Can lock topics in a forum
  5. Can pin posts within a topic
  6. Can reassign posts to a different user

Developing a forum website

All of these can be set up in an independent forum site.  It can also be integrated into a WordPress or Joomla! website so that all of yourForum moderationexisting members can now participate in your forum.

All of the forms are SEO friendly, search engine optimized URLs and XLM maps, so all search engines have an easy time indexing and understanding the user content being generated.

Security  is not an afterthought with some powerful features such as:

  • Can create private and/or public forums
  • Optional ‘math’ spam prevention tool
  • Coded to use WordPress secure routines
  • Feature to prevent user access to wp admin
  • Private RSS feeds for members only

Custom WordPress Membership Sites

Design plan and build Membership Sites


Membership sites can take on many roles, proper planning can not only save you money but make you money.Membership site

Proper navigation for different memberships, blocking only certain content for different levels of membership.  Only letting certain members move to another level after a certain amount of time.  Perhaps blocking downloads and having one-time payments for specials.

Permitting members to only move on, once a test has been passed.

Collecting monthly fees on autopilot and also automatically adding content, makes the job of owning a membership site so much easier and profitable.

We have had the opportunity to build many successful membership sites, with all types of combinations of permissions for members and membership levels.

Some of the basic features which one of our experts will  discuss with you:

  • Unlimited Membership Levels
  • Integrates With Your WordPress Site
  • Flexible Membership Options
  • Easy Member Management
  • Sequential Content Delivery
  • Control Viewed Content
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • Multi-Level Access
  • Total Content Protection
  • Secure RSS Feeds
  • “Sneak Peak” Content Display
  • Login Redirection
  • Subscription Length Control
  • Custom Error Pages
  • Partial Content Display
  • Much, Much More!


No matter if it is a free membership site or an exclusive highly monetized membership website, Personal members dashboardthe care and expertise to protect your content and still give an enjoyable and rewarding experience for you and your customer is our priority.   We can also provide your members with a fully customized dashboard allowing them to see all their personal accessible content and information, a place to see all of their favourite posts, all of their uploads and downloadable content available only to them.

Call us today for a free consultation. The value you will get by speaking to one of our experts will be yours and will benefit you no matter what the outcome.