Website for sales

Website for sales


Seller’s Notes

PREMIUM AUTOMATED  Wooden Novelty Items Dropship store with hundreds of items, NO RESERVE

PREMIUM AUTOMATED Dropship wooden items mega store – fully loaded with hundreds of ready-to-sell products with 25%-120% margins in profit, with a valuable great domain name!

You have a great chance to purchase this site earlier than others can do. If you are interested in this type of business, do not hesitate to write us your proposals regarding the preferred price and believe we can find a compromise with you!


This is your best chance to own a 100% Done-For-You Online Business.



On sale Turn Key Business:  wooden novelty items and accessories Huge Mega Store with hundreds of products.
Grab this beautiful custom designed Fully Automated Dropshipping e-commerce business with a domain name that is descriptive and  easy to remember.

No requires technical skills, No huge investments, No inventory and No stocks.

the site is built on the familiar  WordPress Woocommerce platform with automatic functions such as

  • Order Auto-fulfilment
  • Daily Products Sync
  • Pricing Automation

The small gift and novelty item industry is a $21 billion a year industry that has shown no signs of slowing.


Introducing a modern e-commerce dropshipping website for selling popular  wooden specialty items and accessories,  with hundreds of products at competitive prices. Completed with Fabulous attractive Domain Name (includes popular keywords), Dropship Trade Supply Chain and High Margin Product Inventory! Site-oriented for sales products and delivery to any state or province directly from the suppliers.

The site is focused delivery to any country in the world.



Dropshipping is a form of eCommerce in which you sell products that you never see or touch. You only purchase these items (at a low cost) after your customer has already paid you (at your marked up price). You don’t have to worry about fulfillment or inventory issues at all!.


Low Startup Costs
Drop shipping makes it amazingly easy to get started selling online. You don’t need to invest heavily in inventory, yet you can still offer thousands of items to your customers.

You can manage the Dropshipping business from any corner of Our Planet! It does not matter whether you are American or live anywhere in the world. You can be a citizen of any country!

Convenience & Efficiency
Not having to worry about fulfillment is incredibly convenient.

Successfully launching and growing an e-commerce business takes a lot of work, especially if you have limited resources. Not having to worry about fulfillment is incredibly convenient.

A drop shipping business can be run from just about anywhere with an internet connection. As long as you can communicate with suppliers and customers easily, you can run.

Trusted Model
This is a tried and tested e-commerce model. Plenty of online stores, use drop shipping to offer a wider selection of products to their customers.

But drop shipping does provide an easy way to get started and the ability to leverage other people’s capital without having to invest thousands of your own. When promoted and managed correctly, it can form the foundation of your own successful online business.



Wish you to become your own boss and work less, and more to give your time for joy with your family or friends and more to travel the world ???

If so, imagine a business that requires a small amount of time, because it is fully automated and in addition, brings a daily income.

You do not need to make any global financial investments and keep warehouses or staff of office staff. The costs of maintaining the site and drop shipping partner you will only pay the equivalent of 1-2 sales of products from your site. The rest of the sales will bring you a net profit.

You can become absolutely independent both in time and in the place of your stay or residence. The site and the registration of orders (or rather, the control of the whole process), you can borrow from anywhere in the world, while spending only a maximum of 1 to 3 hour a day.

If you want all this and without any huge investments, then we offer you a ready-made and debugged business.Turn Key business in very attractive growing niche!

.. is a beautifully designed, modern online store for wooden goods – complete with an impressive and stunning a variety of watches, cases, jewelry and  USB sticks goods and supplies.

Thanks to the brilliant domain name, professionally design, branding, high-resolution images and hundreds of profitable products, here lies the foundation for a successful long-term business! This is a winning site and a fully customized primary retailer.


Excellent products
With hundreds of products in the store, this site boasts an incredible assortment that is comprehensive and authoritative. Products also very complimentary and easy to mix and match. Undoubtedly, many customers will add more than one product and with such an excellent range of products in the store, there is no doubt that many customers will almost certainly come back for more.

But the best part is that you do not need to buy any goods or store any inventory to run this business, because this site has already created and implemented the Dropship supply chain for all products in the store, so all your orders are delivered directly to your customers, effectively and transparently. When the order is received through this site, you simply order products from the vendor,  in just a few clicks the system will automatically fill in your customers address, and they will be delivered directly to your client, efficiently and transparently. It is worth noting that the goods will be delivered to customers in anonymous postal packaging that is uncommonly convenient for customers!

High margins
You earn money from a simple buying process on wholesale and retail sales, in other words, you earn money in the margins. And the margin for this site is very profitable 25%-100%, roughly speaking, on the whole range.

It’s easy to work
This is a high-quality professional, profitable, online business. Nevertheless, this is a business that you can perform with minimal effort from your laptop or smartphone, even because of the comfort of your home chair – from anywhere in the world.

Overview of the work
When the order is received through the website, you simply order products from the vendor,  with just a few clicks the system will automatically provide them with the delivery address of your customers, and they will be delivered directly to your customer. It’s really that simple!

Our site accepts payments from customers through credit cards and also through or from PayPal accounts. The processing of all credit cards is carried out through Stripe. Therefore, the new site owner will need to have his own PayPal and Stripe account to receive payments through the site, as everyone Once you receive the order, the money goes directly to your to your account. You can then transfer funds to your bank account.

Inventory Management
In addition, the site has integrated Daily Products Sync, which provides you with an opportunity in automatic mode (usually once a day) synchronize the inventory of the website in accordance with the supplier’s own resources, so the number of products on the website is updated automatically. You can even add more products from other suppliers if you require it.

Unlimited opportunities for expanding the site in the range, new categories of products!
You can increase the number of goods to thousand without any problems.

Our site easily and simply allows you to expand the range, and filling the site with new products with high-quality products will happen in just a few mouse clicks and in a few hours. Most importantly, you just need to expose your new margin and during synchronization, the store will be filled with a new assortment.
Everything is easy for you to do and in fully automatic mode.

Returning customers
The site can have Newsletters service (also with auto subscribe function during checkout process) which allow you attract visitors over and over to your site with promotion and discounts. Once per week you can send newsletters and get back your buyers.

Optimizing SEO
Given the volume of products the site is carefully designed to increase the exposure of its entire assortment – optimization, category hierarchies, pages, messages, navigation and content have been strategically optimized for maximum impact, to increase visibility, sales, revenue, and purchases.

Broad and limitless opportunities to attract customers to your site.
Embedded already in the site of additional programs to attract visitors from social networks, including easily share to social networks such as Pinterest  Twitter  Google plus Facebook.




Managing this site on a daily basis is a light breeze. Everything was created to ensure that the launch of the site in the long term was as simple and effective as possible. It does not require any preliminary experience.

Order processing process -> Customers can browse the site and add products to the shopping cart. Then they can go to Checkout, where they can pay for the order with a credit/debit card or PayPal. As soon as the order is made and payment is made, you will receive an email confirming the order from the site and confirmation of payment. Simultaneously, in the administrative panel of the site, you will see information about the order made and also receive information about the payment.

Processing orders -> You just go to the site of the vendors Dropshiper and order the necessary products, providing the address of the customers as an address delivery. ( this information will be auto-filled by the software) Then the supplier will deliver the goods, transparently and promptly, directly to your client. The products are shipped directly to your customer without any mention of drop shipper’s company on the package and without any invoices and promotion materials. This is what we refer to as blind drop shipping with discreet shipping.
That’s all. You get PROFIT!

At the moment the site is set up to provide free shipping on all orders.
This can be edited at any time if required.


Potential Income
If you received just one order in the amount of $50 per day, with set a margin of 25%-50%, you will make a profit of about 12.5-25$ per day or $9,000 per year.
Of course, the new owner of this business should look at making at least 10 orders in a day, and with hundreds of products, it’s easy enough to do and multiply the number of orders. Only imagine that you can receive 5-10 orders in a day or more. Even with a minimum of 5 orders per day, your annual profit will already be $45,000/year.

If you are looking for an online dropship business opportunity, do not look any further.


. is a highly realistic, highly profitable, high-priority Internet brand with a powerful e-commerce drop shipping system and beautifully designed megastore with  hundreds of modern products, with a fully-fledged system and the chain of sale and delivery of goods, ensuring the guaranteed fulfillment of your orders.

The site is based on the familiar WordPress Woocommerce platform with a  minimal cost.
WordPress Woocommerce is a reliable and familiar platform with no shortage of information and add-on.


  • Automated fulfillment software $15 a month
  •  WordPress hosting costs $5 a month
  • Yearly domain cost


  • Domain name transfer to your own Go daddy account.
  • Huge  with novelty and Accessories megastore with all content (site, articles, products database, logos)
  • Fully Automated Website on WordPress Woocommerce platform  Blog solution for write reviews and publish recent news.
  • Fully responsive and mobile friendly theme.
  • Access to site’s administrative panel
  • Access to Dropship’s account.
  • Access to your own mailbox [email protected] – free lifetime access to online/offline email manager
  • Access to your own MailChimp newsletters service – free lifetime access newsletters manager (with limits up to 2,000 subscribers listing)
  • Technical support regarding the site, any issues, tips, guides, advice and much more
  •  free transferring of the website to your (Lennox cPanel) hosting service or hosted on current service for a small hosting fee.


I have full 100% satisfied client list with hundreds of sold websites for 12 years and my feedbacks shows it.


Buy sites from I Yee Sales and Get all Benefits and Bonuses and Guarantees plus FREE technical support (Guaranteed).

Please feel free to look me up.  We run a successful web design and development business  and have been around for over a decade.

Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions here or by PM. Thanks for looking and bidding.




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