Complete Manageable Forum Website With WordPress

Complete Manageable Forum Website With WordPress

Custom theme forum sites

When getting a custom forum site built, there are many things to consider beyond color and design.

A smoothly functioning forum site is one which has been thought out carefully: how to associate the different groups of subjects and how to encourage engagement.

What permissions and  features to give your users and an easy way to moderate the forum is also a must.

Here are some of the permissions which are flexible with different user access:


  1. Can view a forum
  2. Can view a list of forums only
  3. Can view a list of forums and list of topics only
  4. Can view posts by an administrator
  5. Can view only own posts and admin/mod posts
  6. Can view email and IP addresses of members
  7. Can view profiles of members
  8. Can view the members lists
  9. Can view links within posts


  1. Can start new topics in a forum
  2. Can reply to existing topics in a forum
  3. Can only reply to own topics
  4. Can use spoilers in posts
  5. Can attach a signature to posts
  6. Can create links in posts
  7. Can use smileys in posts
  8. Can use iframes in posts



  1. Can edit own topic titles
  2. Can edit any topic title
  3. Can edit own posts forever
  4. Can edit own posts until there has been a reply
  5. Can edit any post


  1. Can delete topics in forum
  2. Can delete own posts
  3. Can delete any post


  1. Can bypass the math question
  2. Can bypass all post moderation
  3. Can bypass first post moderation
  4. Can moderate pending posts


  1. Can pin topics in a forum
  2. Can move topics from a forum
  3. Can move posts from a topic
  4. Can lock topics in a forum
  5. Can pin posts within a topic
  6. Can reassign posts to a different user

Developing a forum website

All of these can be set up in an independent forum site.  It can also be integrated into a WordPress or Joomla! website so that all of yourForum moderationexisting members can now participate in your forum.

All of the forms are SEO friendly, search engine optimized URLs and XLM maps, so all search engines have an easy time indexing and understanding the user content being generated.

Security  is not an afterthought with some powerful features such as:

  • Can create private and/or public forums
  • Optional ‘math’ spam prevention tool
  • Coded to use WordPress secure routines
  • Feature to prevent user access to wp admin
  • Private RSS feeds for members only

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