Custom WordPress Membership Sites

Custom WordPress Membership Sites

Design plan and build Membership Sites


Membership sites can take on many roles, proper planning can not only save you money but make you money.Membership site

Proper navigation for different memberships, blocking only certain content for different levels of membership.  Only letting certain members move to another level after a certain amount of time.  Perhaps blocking downloads and having one-time payments for specials.

Permitting members to only move on, once a test has been passed.

Collecting monthly fees on autopilot and also automatically adding content, makes the job of owning a membership site so much easier and profitable.

We have had the opportunity to build many successful membership sites, with all types of combinations of permissions for members and membership levels.

Some of the basic features which one of our experts will  discuss with you:

  • Unlimited Membership Levels
  • Integrates With Your WordPress Site
  • Flexible Membership Options
  • Easy Member Management
  • Sequential Content Delivery
  • Control Viewed Content
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • Multi-Level Access
  • Total Content Protection
  • Secure RSS Feeds
  • “Sneak Peak” Content Display
  • Login Redirection
  • Subscription Length Control
  • Custom Error Pages
  • Partial Content Display
  • Much, Much More!


No matter if it is a free membership site or an exclusive highly monetized membership website, Personal members dashboardthe care and expertise to protect your content and still give an enjoyable and rewarding experience for you and your customer is our priority.   We can also provide your members with a fully customized dashboard allowing them to see all their personal accessible content and information, a place to see all of their favourite posts, all of their uploads and downloadable content available only to them.

Call us today for a free consultation. The value you will get by speaking to one of our experts will be yours and will benefit you no matter what the outcome.

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