I Yee Sales mobile platform has been under continuous development and improvement since 2009. We Now offer many services to improve your client’s mobile experience.

On April 21st, 2015, Google drastically shifted search engine rankings to favor sites that are optimized for mobile devices.

Believing that your site is already mobile friendly may cost you high Google rankings, loads of traffic, and lots of income.

That’s because Google has its own specifications for what makes a site truly optimized for mobile and if your site is missing even ONE of these qualifications, it can take a dangerous slap.

And if you haven’t yet optimized your site for mobile, now is the chance to leap ahead of the competition

  • Edge caching. Accelerate your mobile users’ online experience by having cacheable content served to them from Akamai edge servers located in or near mobile carriers’ internet gateways.
  • Mobile detection and redirect. For businesses with separate mobile-optimized websites, servers at the edges of Akamai’s distribution network can perform mobile detection and redirect. This speeds users’ initial access to your site and reduces your origin infrastructure requirements.
  • Front-end optimization. Akamai edge servers apply real-time front-end optimization (FEO) to HTML pages to reduce the number of associated HTTP requests, optimize the request order to speed rendering, and reduce the amount of delivered data.
  • Adaptive Image Compression. The Web Performance Solutions Mobile platform compresses JPEG images to a greater or lesser degree based on real-time intelligence about network conditions.
  • Enhanced Mobile Protocol. To further accelerate your mobile users’ web experience, the Web Performance Solutions Mobile platform implements protocol optimizations such as real-time TCP parameter tuning and HTTP pipelining.

Responsive Web Design Or (RWD)

Responsive websites are web properties which automatically resize according to the size of the device browser being used.  They instantly adjust to provide the optimal viewing experience. The design adapts by percentage as opposed to fixed pixel size.  Being able to call upon different styles when the browser is detected to be at a certain size,  these sites have become the website build of choice here at I Yee sales.

 Responsive Website Design Advantages

  • Cost savings by not having a mobile website built and designed.
  • Time savings by not having to upkeep and maintain 2 separate websites.
  • Being prepared for future devices as our world is continuously changing the size of them; the responsive website automatically adapts to these changes.
  • If SEO search engine optimization is part of your marketing plan, Google has openly admitted that responsive web design should be the industry best practiced.
  • Combining all the viewer analytics in one place.
  • Being able to look fantastic not only on desktops and mobile phones but also on tablets which are growing quickly in popularity.
  • If your audience is accustomed to accessing your site on a desktop, the mobile site will give a very familiar look, feel and navigation.

Responsive website design allows you to stay ahead of the curve.  With the multitude of devices of all sizes being produced and sold,  it has now become the only type of website we build unless otherwise specified by our clients.  It will increase your visibility in search engines and allow you to look great no matter if you’re target audience is on a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

If you have any questions regarding responsive website design, we are available 7 days a week.

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Mobile Website Design

Although we encourage responsive web design with its fluid grids and flexible images, there are times where a dedicated mobile website is needed.

Our web designers will create a dedicated mobile site on your domain under a sub-domain (http://m.  or a sub-directory  (

We will also install a script on your server to detect which device is accessing your domain.  It will automatically redirect mobile users, which will give you the option of having a completely different look and feel.  For certain industries, being able to offer something different to mobile users can increase conversion rates.

Mobile Website Features

  • One tap Call button
  • A map with a Geo-locator
  • Custom order buttons can also be implemented (example: restaurant takeout orders)

All of our sites are extensively tested on iPhone, Android and Windows devices.  Our conversion experts are also ready to advise you on design and usability.  Talk to one of our experts and find out exactly what can be done to increase your business.