Custom WordPress Website For Your Business

Custom WordPress Website For Your Business

There are many advantages to having a custom WordPress theme designed

If you are considering a website for your business, it’s important to also think of maintenance.  WordPress is an excellent platform for businesses looking to maintain their own website.  Even if the time is not permitted to maintain your own website, it is much easier and faster to find someone with the skill set to add to and maintain a WordPress themed website.

It is quickly becoming one of the most used platforms on the internet and why not? It can have the feel and look of just about anything your imagination can conjure up, with a knowledgeable developer.  It is also search engine friendly and with the newest security updates it has become a true business website.

Capable of handling gaming sites, forumse-commercemembership sites, fully integrated business websites and the list can go on with the features available in this platform.

We create custom functionality to make adding content to your website fun and easy.

The back-end of the website is as important and well thought out as the front end that your customers see.

After all, if you can not easily modify the content of your website, it becomes an inconvenience and a burden on your business.

Our skilled developers can create custom post types and templates to ensure adding content will always be simple for you, and will always look great.  All of our designs are fully responsive.

E Commerce WordPress Theme

To get more information on e-commerce websites

 E Commerce

A Small Example Of Customizing The Back-End Of Your Website

Let’s take a look at an example.  An important factor in converting a shopper into a client are great testimonials, but having a way to showcase your businesses’ testimonials is Custom post typessometimes a daunting task for someone busy running their day-to-day business.  By creating a custom post type for testimonials it becomes as easy as filling out a quick form. The custom template takes care of all the formatting for you.

In this case, clicking on the testimonial link will bring you to a page where you can quickly enter the information from the customer.

Testimonial template WordPress

The end result of filling out the simple form,  is a testimonial page which looks like this.

In this case the person who gave the testimony (name or business name) is at the bottom, and the date is at the top.

The testimonial is placed to the right of the page and separated from the image with a grey bar.  The image is automatically resized and converted into a circle.  Giving you that high-end, professional look.

With no effort on your part.

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 11.09.38 AM

Making WordPress Into A True CMS  (Content Management System)

With the capabilities of making multiple sets of categories, and placing that content in a customized layout, WordPress has come a long way in becoming a complete CMS.



Custom WordPress templates and layoutsA simple drop-down menu to select how your content will be displayed

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