Keyword Research  Services

Keyword Research  Services

Keyword Research  Services

Keyword research is a core fundamental of all search engine marketing.

Get this wrong and you’re not even in the game. 

Search engine function uses them, and your customers are typing in millions of them into search engines every day.  Finding those high-volume search terms for your particular niche and finding low competition high converting keywords, which translates into cash paying customers, is what we do.

Using a combination of tools that we have developed over the years, allows us to do a deep analysis of the market and your competition.  This allows us to focus on valuable keywords which will give you insight into your customer’s pain and problems.  There is no more powerful way to become the expert in your field than answering your customer’s questions with your content.

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Website keyword research

When doing the research for the search engine optimization of your website, the keywords found are used to configure the structure of your site; it is important to get the semantic relationships between these words to push your site up the rankings in the search engines.

This, in turn, helps us to construct proper navigation and understand what content is important to present and write without wasted time and effort.  It will provide your customers with exactly what they were searching for.  All the content on your site should be easily accessed and well configured. Websites that get this right will bring customers back time and time again.

keyword research for adwordsKeyword research for paid advertising

This research is also important to properly optimize a paid marketing campaign (PPC) with the major search engines, such as Google & Bing.

It defines a proper grouping of words that your customers are converting with, and properly target those ads according to the specific words they are typing in. By doing this you get a higher ROI (return on investment), you pay less for your ads with a higher quality score and convert more curious searchers by answering their specific queries.

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