One Stop Waterproofing Ltd.

One Stop Waterproofing Ltd.

Construction Themed Website

easy navigationEasy navigation which showed all the services available.  They can all be seen above the fold ( without scrolling ). To ensure great conversion   for this website.

This design was created to show at a glance, when a new prospect lands on the website, everything that is available to them.  With one simple click one can navigate to the specific service required.






grid pattern blog layoutThe blog page was designed in a grid format.  To encourage clicks to read articles a stylish and clear call to action  was implemented.  A featured image for every blog post was also  included in the design for a great visual impact.








special web design Testimonials pageA specially designed testimonial page  was also included in this website built.  The backend was designed for ease of use all images are automatically generated into a proper sized circle.  No image editing by the user is necessary.  The website programming takes care of all of it.  The testimonial fonts are also all automatically formatted.







easy to manage photo galleryThe image gallery was also created with ease-of-use in mind it is a simple two-step process of uploading the image and publishing.  The  pixel size and the size of the pop-ups are all automatically taken care of.  The gallery simply just works.








large popover galleryThe view of the pop-up of when images are clicked on.  Background is completely darkened so that the image takes  center stage.








responsive smartphone viewOf course like all our websites it is fully responsive for mobile use.  Your users will have a great experience on their smartphones or tablets as well as their desktop