Google Adwords Advertising Campaign

Google Adwords Advertising Campaign

$120.00 / month and a $230.00 sign-up fee

One time set up fee of $250 this includes the keyword research, setting up the campaign, writing the ads.

There will also be a $75 a month optimization fee. (not charged for the first month) This includes using our AI system, our manual team and our spy software to continuously optimize the campaign for the best return on investment.

You will have an account on this website and can log in by clicking the button at the top right corner.

You can quit your subscription at any time or call us. You own your campaign and can quit the optimizations process at any in time.


With the information obtained from our analysis, we can now determine the best starting position for your business.

Part of our optimization process will include some changes done to the website if necessary. Examples keywords found on the page. Imagery found on the page. Even the proper URL structure these are all things that may affect the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

if you do not have a Google adwords account yet we can walk you through the process. We will then need administrative rights to your account so we may build your campaign. this is all done without giving us any passwords to your account. the process is easy and we are more than happy to help.

Our experience has provided us a proven 6 step method for successful Internet advertising campaigns.

interview1. The interview- Our marketing and branding expert asks a series of questions to understand your ideal client.  These questions will help  our team understand your business’ story,  your unique qualities, and most important, the customers value and profitability.


analyze2. Analyze- A successful campaign needs research intelligence.  We drill down into your competitions successful campaigns, your clients demographics and psycho-graphic profile.

Included with #3

keyword3. Keyword research- A complete keyword analysis is done.  This report provided can also be used for the website content & blog to rank better. Example of  markets: hair salon & colours (1 market) cuts & colours (1 market) hair salon & spa (2 markets) hair salon & make-up (2 markets) hair salon & nails (2 markets)

$300 one time fee per market-ask the experts to see how many markets your product or service is

websitesetup4. Preparing your site- Building proper landing pages, well-planned call to actions and correct copy to satisfy the ad networks, and convert your  prospects into clients.  This is one of the most important parts, but most overlooked.  Having  a complete web design staff  and conversion analysis specialists at our disposal sets us apart in this area.

$-$$-$$$ This is dependent on the current state of your website. Is there internal pages or is your home page suitable to receive paid traffic? If not, how many pages will need to be created to target the keywords in your campaign? This will all be discussed with you, so that the best decision for your success and budget can be made.

marketing5. Building the campaign- With the information of the interview and the analysis we can now determine where to start your campaign.  We will advise you on specific ad platforms that have shown to have a higher ROI for your business, budget and type.  We create multiple ads and begin the campaign.

$200 one time set up fee

gear6. Monthly Maintenance: Monitor and Optimize- All successful campaigns need constant monitoring and optimization to keep it fresh and ahead of your competition.  We continuously test different creative’s, headlines,  keywords, negative keywords, placement, etc.

15% of monthly advertising budget ($75 month minimum charge) If your advertising budget is more than $1200 the percentage can be negotiated.