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We have tried to put together packages identifying general costs. We realize that everyone’s needs are different and prices may vary. We encourage you to contact us as prices may be lower or slightly higher to ensure desired results. Initial consultation is always Free. Our goal is always to grow your business and will openly share any advice to do so.  With no obligation to us.

Website Package Q & A

What if you want to change or update content on your website to make it dynamic and current? We give you an easy to use Content Management System which will save you time, money and also give you more control on your website.
Several web design companies try to save costs by offering you pre-designed templates. At I Yee Sales, we first understand your requirements, your costumers, and then create an original design for you exclusively with conversion rates in mind. Also, our development team understands that a business continuously evolves. All our designs are completely flexible: any features, any design aspects can be added later. You will never be stuck in a box 
A slider is a image gallery which automatically rotates. One can be seen on the homepage of this website
We can handle just about any font as long as you have the files.  Although we do suggest choosing one of Google fonts. These fonts  are cross browser compatible and will look good, and function correctly on Chrome, Firefox and Explorer
A  Favicon is a small icon which shows up in the tab’s at the top of your browser or  next to your URL in the URL bar,  and will also be  automatically saved  if someone bookmarks your site A Favicon google
Responsive design lets your website look great on any sized device, it automatically resizes images and videos and reorganizes text and columns.  Your website will always look great no matter what your customer is looking at your website on.  You can get more information on responsive web design here
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