Mobile Website Design

Mobile Website DesignDedicated mobile website

Although we encourage responsive web design with its fluid grids and flexible images, there are times where a dedicated mobile website is needed.

Our web designers will create a dedicated mobile site on your domain under a sub-domain (http://m.  or a sub-directory  (

We will also install a script on your server to detect which device is accessing your domain.  It will automatically redirect mobile users, which will give you the option of having a completely different look and feel.  For certain industries, being able to offer something different to mobile users can increase conversion rates.

Mobile Website Features

  • One tap Call button
  • A map with a Geo-locator
  • Custom order buttons can also be implemented (example: restaurant takeout orders)

All of our sites are extensively tested on iPhone, android and Windows devices.  Our conversion experts are also ready to advise you on design and usability.  Talk to one of our experts and find out exactly what can be done to increase your business.