Search Engine Optimization

A Complete Package Of Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)

I Yee sales performs a complete service. Knowing each business is different, we can tailor our services to serve our customers needs and budgets.  We begin by analyzing SEO Agencyyour current situation, the quality of your site, quality of content and your back link profile.  We then put our attention on your competition and analyze them as well.

All these elements must come together in a detailed plan to outperform your competition.

We also offer individual  services

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 The Benefits Of Keyword Research

Our keyword research goes in-depth to identify the true power (money) words of your market.  This will help you to understand what your customers needs are, and exactly the type of content you should be providing to them to solve their pain or problem.  We also use keyword research to better structure your site’s navigation and internal page linking for SEO purposes.

Microdata & Schema, Rich Snippets

Schema microdata is a tiny bit of coding that is implemented into a website.  This coding can tell search engine bots exactly what type of content is contained on the page:

  •  this is a product
  •  this is a review
  •  this is a local business

The list goes on. It is also how websites receive a small thumbnail of a video or image of the author or even the stars in the Google search listings.  This has shown to improve click through rate and therefore can improve your  search engine rankings.

XML Mapping And Website Setup

Search Engine OptimizationGoing the extra distance to ensure your site is crawlable by search engines, we will set up a Google and Bing Webmaster account and submit all your websites maps.  We will also set up a Google analytics account if none exist.  If you already have a Google analytics account, we will analyze the data to pinpoint problem areas and pages.  Increasing the time spent on your site and the amount of engagement from your visitors has become a necessity.  This will not only increase the probability of conversion but it will affect your search engine rankings as well.

Local SEO

If you are a local business owner, local search engine optimization has become as important as the Yellow Pages full-page ad used to be. We do this, by creating a local business page in major search engines. Receiving a local highly ranked map placement can also increase business dramatically. We can improve your visibility with proper categories, citations, images and by optimizing descriptions.