Online Marketing Techniques

Online Marketing StrategiesIncrease website traffic

The backbone of online marketing can be condensed within 3 main categories.

  1.  increasing traffic
  2.  increasing conversion rate
  3.  increasing customer value


Increasing Visitor Traffic To Your Website

  •  Search engine optimization (SEO):  This is where we use optimization techniques to get your website ranking highly in the search engines, getting natural search traffic. This is one of the critical factors in online marketing today.


  •  Paid traffic:  We create advertising campaigns to drive targeted traffic to your website using platforms such as Google ad words, Facebook advertising, banner & cost per view advertising and Bing advertising. Please see the dedicated pages on each one of these platforms for more information.  Our certified experts will optimize your campaign to maximize the performance and ROI.  They will analyze your competition’s campaigns for weaknesses and insight.


  • Social Media:  An important medium to raise brand awareness and to drive traffic back to your website.  A deep understanding of the technical and social aspects allows our team to create a plan that is right for your business, which can then be executed by you or you can let us handle it all.
search engine optimization
Paid Traffic

Conversion Rate Optimization

Increasing conversion rate is often overlooked.  Making it simple and easy  for your clients to find exactly what they need in a complex site is not always obvious.  We can help your company double their conversion rates, saving tens of thousands on marketing, by implementing coding into your site and observing your customers, analyzing your analytics data, split testing images, colours, layouts, sales copy and headlines etc.

Increasing Customer Value

We apply a proper sales funnel with a smooth flow to track up sales and down sales.  We study the competition to find proper price points. We strengthen your back-end process with a clear plan for automated e-mail marketing follow-ups and we can track all e-mail opens and conversion rates.