How to steal your competition’s traffic and still be able to say you’re doing nothing wrong

Is taking traffic away from your competition unethical?

Absolutely not in fact if you’re not doing it they will.  If your product or service is better than you have an obligation to let people know what you’re providing.


To start  you will have to know who your competitors are.  If you don’t know how to do this let’s walk through it quickly.

let’s say you sell skin cream a quick Google search for:  the best skin cream

Will quickly  review your  competition

Skin cream competition



1.  Let’s start with CPV  cost per view if you’ve never heard of this type of advertising platform.  it’s easy to understand  there are many places providing a service for free if the user agrees to install advertising software onto their computer.  this is done with 100% consent.  once the software is installed they get the free service.  in exchange for viewing some ads by the CPV network.

Us as people who want to advertise can target specific URLs.   example is if someone visits

Which happens to be in position one please show that person who has installed the software in agreed to see ads my act as well in the form of a pop-up  or pop under.

We would do this for every URL that is on the first and second page and also the URLs from the paid ads as well.

2. Let’s find out where our competition is advertising and where the traffic is coming from and copy that model.

To do this will start off by going to a site called   here we will enter our competition’s URLs

let’s have a look at the top referring sites

Finding the top referrals to your competition

Immediately we can see some opportunities putting your product on  pretty simple to do.

Having a couple of articles written and submitting them to Buzz feed and advertising on Buzz feed .  uses the Google display network to monetize their site.  Therefore having a Google  AdWords account and targeting that URL you will have your ad showing as well.

Then there is a forum  this forum also uses Google AdWords display network therefore easy enough to target that site to get some traffic.  You can also become an active member of these forums and start posting.  Having your link in a  signature.  Using software like BuzzBundle  or CrowdForce  can accelerate this process.  Of course buying software is not necessary you can do just an advanced searches in Google to find forums that are discussing your topic.

3  have a look at what at networks are running ads for their site.  You can also copy this  quite easily.

At display networks


Places like Amazon have their own advertising platform you could advertise directly on the page they are selling their product on.

you can also imitate but not completely copy the ads that they are running and have tested by simply  clicking on the show the ads like

Copying their advertiser banners


4  you will want to take a look at their social traffic you can also ethically advertise to their user base.

Getting the social traffic


In this example you can see a lot of traffic is coming from Reddit.  Reddit  is another social network that has its own advertising platform.  In this case this would be good news as Reddit is  inexpensive to advertise.

Next will want to target Facebook.  We will want to target their exact clients.  Facebook allows us to make a custom audience in essence only advertising to a specific user. Are competitors most likely have a Facebook page to create our custom audience we will target only people who have liked their page.


Doing this competitive analysis and only advertising to the people already using your competitions product will cut months off your learning curve.  And can cut thousands off of your advertising budget.

This was a very quick  way to analyze your competitions advertising campaign.  if you would like to go into more details about every specific aspect let me know.

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