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A quick and easy form to work out a blueprint  to that perfect website.  The new website check list.

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  • Client information

  • Website information

  • Is this all new to you, or are you an Internet Guru?

    A certain amount of communication will be required between you and your website developers. Having an understanding of your comfort with the internet and related experience will help them communicate with you and guide you based on your level of understanding.
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  • Let's get an idea of the pages your website will need:

  • What's the look you are seeking for?

    Although it is important that you like your website enough to show it off, let's keep in mind, it's not about you! It's about your clients and what they will respond to.
  • An elevator speech is a brief explanation you use to explain your offerings to new contacts in 30 seconds or less. It's called an elevator speech because you should be able to deliver the speech to someone you just met in a elevator between floors.
  • Let's look at your current online presence:

  • Now let's dig into your objectives and your website's purpose:

    Websites that have a narrow focus have the best chance of achieving their goals. The narrower the focus, the more effectively users can be direct to take the desired action. Actions are what will delivers results.
  • Examples: - increase online sales - provide clients with updates - direct clients to our store - build our mailing list
  • Examples: - increase online sales - provide clients with updates - direct clients to our store - build our mailing list
  • Examples: - Call Us - Book a room - Order / Purchase a product - Submit their email address - Schedule an appointment - Read about our company - Like our Fanpage - Request a Quotation
  • Let's start with some basic marketing questions:

    This will give your designers some of the background they'll require to most effectively position your website's design in the marketplace.
    Optimizing your new site to your geographic market will be an important part of making it findable and relevant to your target audience. This will be helpful when writing content for your site, selecting meaningful key search words and optimizing web tools such as Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Examples: - Real Estate Development - Business Coaching - Vegetarian Restaurant - Surf Shop - Mobile Massage
  • If you have a value proposition, positioning statement, tagline or elevator speech you may use it here
  • The word phrases people type into search engines are referred to as keywords. Your website pages can be optimized to help search engines find them and present your pages to visitors in search results when they search for relevant keywords. This is part of the process referred to as SEO, Search Engine Optimization.
  • Examples: - Women with full time jobs that have young children - Seniors who travel south for the winter - Business Men who need to exercise more - Gammers, 19 to 29 year olds who play video games
  • Your main competitors will be used for comparison purposes and to better understand where your organization may fit in the market place. (include their website URL's if available)
  • Adding Value:

  • List differentiators / USP, Unique Selling Proposition here. Examples: - Highest quality in the industry. We are the exclusive dealers for the leading equipment. - Experience, I have the most experience of all agents and the quickest average selling time in the city. - We offer the best service and a 110% money back guarantee. - We make the thickest, spiciest pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less—or it's free. - If our product fails, we will replace it, no questions asked for as long as you own it
  • What do you and your company do for your clients that they would consider going above and beyond just meeting their expectations? This information can be helpful when positioning your offerings to be superior or more desirable relative to other options in your marketplace. Offline examples may include: - we clean client's cars and leave an air freshener in it before returning their car to them - we call every client after the job is done to make sure they are happy
  • What can you add to your offerings that will make your offerings more attractive to potential clients or make them feel they are being better taken care of by you and your company? On line examples may include: - we make client's records available online in a password protected membership area - we offer clients access to their project status online - we offer online booking and cancellation services
  • Making a good and effective website will likely require some research. Which industry associations and which other research resources can be accessed to gain a better understanding of your business, your industry and your competitors?
  • Examples: - Call Us - Book a room - Order / Purchase a product - Submit their email address - Schedule an appointment - Read about our company - Like our Fanpage - Request a Quotation
  • Try to go beyond just listing colours. Think of a feeling or emotion you want your website visitors to have. Examples: - "red and black, racy like", I want my visitors to feel like hopping into a car and feel environmentally good about taking off for the weekend. - "minimalist with lots of white space like" I don't want clutter. - "Rustic like" I want to reinforce our handmade quality and old fashion styling
  • Please list URL's for any websites or blogs you love and would like keeped in mind when designing your website.
  • Please indicated if you have specific page you wanted to include
  • Let's talk Search

    Likely you will want people to find your website using search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Who's going to do all this?

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  • Record and new ideas or questions here so you won't forget them.
  • List your required go live date. This is the date the site is online, the way you want visitors to see it. Maybe in phase one, but presentable. Keep in mind - Rome wasn't built in a day. Although a website can literally be launched within hours if not minutes, it will likely take a few weeks or perhaps a few months depending on the scale of your requirements and how particular your tastes are. Being picky can be good however it can also add time. These are some considerations that may add to delivery times: - Design - deciding on site structure, colours, logos, menu structure etc. - Content - Waiting for your site's content to be written, videos and images to be produced or selected - Revisions of all of the above - SEO - Search Engine Optimization, keyword selection and optimizing of the website - Migration - of data and content from your old site's database to your new site - Just Waiting - for changes and revisions to be approved
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