Height Converting Lead Capture Web Design

Mortgage Website With Lead Capture

after home full pageThe design of this website was structured around a lead capture.   This highly competitive  niche needed a high conversion ratio.  Making every visitor count  is crucial. Every page has a distinct call to action with the position of the lead capture moving positions, we were able to prevent  banner blindness.









The pages were all designed to draw attention to the phone number e-mail address of the website owner.  Positioning the only image in the sidebar and placing the crucial information below the eye is attracted to the area.  All the colors are maintained neutral except for the lead capture box.  This design was optimized using tracking software  and years of conversion analysis experience.









after newsThe Blog was created  using vivid images above every content module.  Utilizing the latest in CSS 3 HTML 5 the blog is easy-to-read on all devices. Desktop, tablets and  smart phone  all look great.  We also provided  insight to keywords and  interlinking strategies to improve the websites overall search engine optimization.  this particular blog also gets automatically distributed to an e-mail list when a new blog post is created.  Completely integrated with your e-mail autoresponder.  Using the latest technologies we make the site flexible and user-friendly for you and your customers.