Custom Fonts For Your Website

Choosing the perfect font for your website

As we design and build customized websites for you.  We endeavor to choose modern fonts that matches the characteristics of your niche.  Fonts can give a very different look to a website.Custom Fonts  For Your Website

Therefore many clients like to pick out their very own fonts.  Here are a few rules to follow.

Keep in mind not all fonts will look exactly the same on different browsers, Internet Explorer may not show the font exactly the same as Google chrome.  Also less powerful browsers supported by smart phones such as iPhone and android may also display the font you have chosen slightly different.

A great place to start looking at a library of fonts, that is widely supported by most browsers is Google fonts  there you will find hundreds of different free fonts, that you can choose from.  if you find the one sentence which Google provides not enough to get a feel of what that font would look like. There is another free tool which allows you to experiment with all Google fonts.  It can be found here  this is usually not necessary but just in case you would like to try.

Simply pick the font you would like to see on your customize website give us the exact name of that font and let us do the rest.

A custom WordPress site  can also support all of these  fonts.

You may have different fonts for your regular typeface your titles and your block quotes.


regular typeface


 block quotes

Although we encourage sticking to a maximum of 3 fonts in some cases it may be necessary to include more fonts.  To draw special attention  to a certain part of an article or to reflect company branding etc.

All fonts  can be easily achievable and can be discussed at the time of website built or added in later.