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Over 100 000 WordPress sites affected December 16, 2014

Starting last Sunday night, many WordPress site owners were unpleasantly surprised to see. As reported by There seems to be correlations between WordPress sites and plug-ins that have not been updated. WordPress sites that have been maintained, along with their plug-ins have not been affected. If you have been affected there is a fix the files that were affected  must be replaced….

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Adding Effective Social Sharing To Your WordPress Website

Adding effective Social Sharing To Your WordPress Website Before we get into which plug-ins are best for social sharing. First, let me quickly explain something I see websites owners do that hurt their site. Not fully understanding the differences between sending someone to your social page, someone liking your content, and then someone sharing your content. Have you seen your…

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How To Speed Up WordPress

  WordPress can be a great platform, easy-to-use & can be moulded into just about anything these days. With endless features such as e-commerce, membership sites, squeeze page, lead capture pages, it’s just not for blogging anymore. Of course with all these great features and thousands of different themes made by extraordinary programmers and some, well let’s just say not so…

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How to steal your competition’s traffic and still be able to say you’re doing nothing wrong

Is taking traffic away from your competition unethical? Absolutely not in fact if you’re not doing it they will.  If your product or service is better than you have an obligation to let people know what you’re providing.   To start  you will have to know who your competitors are.  If you don’t know how to do this let’s walk…

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Panda bear checklist

HIGH QUALITY FACTORS (in no particular order): Good usage metrics showing User Satisfaction with your content / presentation (Although outright denying using “analytics bounce rate”, JM has mentioned numerous times (inc. JM Dec 2, Zin&JM Dec 20, 2103. Also MO SMX West, Mar 11-13, 2014. Wyz, Jul 3, 2014) user satisfaction is DIRECTLY important and keeps implying it is directly…

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Setup GMail to “send as” your email

Setup GMail to “send as” your email Go into your GMail account and setup a “send mail as” identity. Click on Settings Click on Accounts Under Send mail as, click on Add another email address Enter your name and email address in the popup window Click Next Step Click Verify Wait for GMail to send your verification link and code….

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Custom Fonts For Your Website

Choosing the perfect font for your website As we design and build customized websites for you.  We endeavor to choose modern fonts that matches the characteristics of your niche.  Fonts can give a very different look to a website. Therefore many clients like to pick out their very own fonts.  Here are a few rules to follow. Keep in mind…

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List Of The Google Ranking Factors 2014 – 2015?

Can Google Ranking Factors be reverse engineered? Google has been known to vocalize that there is over 200 ranking factors, which are analyzed to determine the worthiness of the website  to appear on the top.  Page 1  number 1 the ultimate goal of many business owners. What are all these rankings factors?  How do they affect each other?  Which one is more important?…

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WordPress site redesign

Redesigning and developing a WordPress website When redesigning  and developing a WordPress website to adhere to the new rules of Internet marketing.  The design must be fresh, exciting, easy to navigate, keep visitors engaged, content rich, multimedia ready, responsive to any screen  sizes and of course be blazing fast. 1st we start with the original design of the website analyze…

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