Adding Effective Social Sharing To Your WordPress Website

Adding effective Social Sharing To Your WordPress Website

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Before we get into which plug-ins are best for social sharing. First, let me quickly explain something I see websites owners do that hurt their site. Not fully understanding the differences between sending someone to your social page, someone liking your content, and then someone sharing your content.

Have you seen your competition do this.

Social icons in the top right corner that send people to their Facebook page.

That’s a bad idea

I understand that people are proud of their Facebook page they’ve worked hard to build the following. Keep in mind only 16% of the people you send to your page will come back. Social property should drive traffic to your site not the other way around.

If you like having these icons, I would suggest bottoming of the page not too large. Make sure when clicked they open the page in a new tab. Some of your prospects may want to see that you have social interaction. If that’s the case they will scan your page and find the icon at the bottom.

Next is the difference between the Like & G VS the share button.

When somebody clicks the like button the link will show up on their profile page in the recent activity area. They will also receive a notification whenever you post new content.

 getting Facebook likes

The share button will grab one of the images of your page and a small excerpt of the post and place it directly on that person’s wall.

Sharing on facebook


The sharing option in my opinion is one of the most powerful ones as it drives new people to your website.

Finally, you’ll want to implement comments via Facebook, this will encourage people to leave comments on your blog as they do not have to fill in their name and email address. It can also drive more traffic to your blog. As friends of the people who comment on your blog can see the comments on their friends wall. Lastly it cuts down on the spam.

There are literally hundreds of social plug-ins with new ones coming out every day.

I have tried over 100 of them cure some of my favorites. Things that I measure the impact it has on load time ease-of-use and the options offered.

I’m kicking off with one of my favorites

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPres

This one will set you back $14 but it is highly maintained hasn’t created any conflicts for me as of yet. Some of the new features include caching to improve load time.
It provides you with all types of looks places to locate the buttons. Hover over images sharing built-in. The list goes on, it is one of them to consider.

Easily social share

Simple Share Buttons Adder

Would be my choice for a free sharing plug-in there is an upgrade if you’re interested later on but not a must.

Simple way to share your content

Just as a side note always be cautious when installing the free sharing plug-in take the time to read the reviews they are popular ones that have good ratings, but you soon find out that they inject ads ( Shareaholic cough cough) or ask you to upgrade to have the feature’s needed to work properly.


For commenting

I will suggest to one slightly more powerful but more complex to install as you need a Facebook application ID.

SEO Facebook Comment

This commenting plug-in has the upper hand as it not only lets people comment on your blog, but it also seeks out comments that were placed on Facebook and pulls them into your blog’s comments. It then puts them into your database. Pretty Cool

 social sharing SEO

The Comments Evolved for WordPress

Adds the ability to enable native WordPress, Google+, Facebook, commenting system it doesn’t pull in all the comments that were left only on Facebook, but still very powerful, extremely easy to install.


PS. ┬ádon’t do this when people have too many options they usually tend to just choose none.


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